Ealing Wedding


Clive and Lorri are one of the nicest families I had met in 2019. They live 10 minutes from my house, so it was great to meet local family in Ealing. I knew after the first meeting that we were going to be friends after the big day and to this day I still pop around Clive and Lorri place for tea and mainly gin and tonic to even going to a concert together.



London Wedding Photographer 


This is why it’s good to meet your wedding photographer before you hire them as there should be a connection between you to make sure they get you and understand what you want and if you can talk to them like your down the pub with your mates that’s even better.   West London has some amazing venue to get married and hold your wedding reception.



London wedding venues and Clive and Lori Wedding


Clive and Lorri held their ceremony at Twickenham Townhall and if you have not been at this venue it has some of the most amazing gardens at the back of the venue to have some great pictures the first time I went there I was so surprised to have this so close to my front door and be still in London. You can also hold your reception at the venue but Clive and Lorri when for another local venue close to home.


Ealing Photographer


We traveled from the ceremony on an old routemaster bus back to West Ealing so much fun for some great pictures of the couple and you can have drink on the bus too. I think we forgot some of the pub venues we have in the UK for weddings. The Drayton Court Hotel in West Ealing is one of these parts of fuller pubs you would never believe it has a good size ballroom downstairs to host wedding receptions. The team is so friendly too and the food was amazing, and the bride had nothing but good stuff to say about the food and the venue. The kids had outside space to play and keep away from all those adults.


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So when you’re looking at the venue for your wedding don’t forget about pubs that have ballrooms for your reception some evening have licenses to be able to host the ceremony too and then you don’t need to move venues throughout the day.