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So, I do get asked this question a lot about if I was to use my friend that what will be wedding photographer cost, and how much I should pay them. I guess that depends on if they are a professional photographer or just do it as a hobby. If they are doing this as a hobby, then you should not have to pay for this as they should do it as a gift. But using someone who is doing it as a hobby comes with a whole other problem and so does using your friend who is a professional photographer.

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Wedding photography is so important to couples these days so you need to have that in mind as when something can go wrong how would you deal with that with your friends and it could make an end to the friendship and you need to think about the stress is it really worth it. I have done a friend’s wedding and lucky it went fine but I was always worried about what if it went wrong, but I made sure it didn’t go wrong. Remember as well if they are doing your photography they will not have time to enjoy the day too and if they are that good a friend you are going to want to enjoy your day with you.

How much should I pay a friend to be my wedding photographer?


It’s really hard to work out what you should pay them as remember the hobby photographer will maybe do it as a gift, but will they be able to edit these photo’s for you and deliver them with good edits on the photos. You must remember from just been your wedding photographer on the day your photographer helps deal with any dramas on your day that you might never now happen as they have generally worked in this area for a long time. They can even lend a hand at a consultation on the idea as they have seen so much from all those weddings they go too. So as spending on an average of 8 hours with you on your day there is the edited time once they get back home. People think that once we have taken the pictures that’s it well sorry editing is the biggest piece of the job. Photographers like things to be perfect so they will spend time on each photo to make sure it tidy and clean to send over to the couple. These pictures will be with them for a long time so we want them to be perfect.

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So I guess to answer your question if you’re doing this to save money I understand but I would avoid using my mates to be my photographer but if you are going to use them and they are professional maybe pay them for the editing time or the copies of the photos. Make sure they don’t start drinking as they might just be the worst pictures you get. Remember the days when couples used to put disposal cameras on the table and then get them back with so many blurred pictures from the drunk people we don’t want that to happen. Professional photographers are trained on the posing and the best looks for couples they have crafted this art over all these years of doing what they do best. Uncle Bob what we refer to in the industry when someone friend or family want to be there wedding photographer.

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When looking at photographer and wedding photographer cost always try and meet them face to face but if you can’t over zoom is just as good. Make a list of questions to ask them so you make sure you get what you want from them. If you feel comfortable with them and there is a good flow you know you might have the correct person to do your wedding. It’s always good to get them to meet the parent as they like to be involved and it helps the photographer round people on the day as they have to remember all those faces that you want pictures with, so it does help. Maybe ask them for a test shoot to have some engagement pictures most photographer will offer that once you have selected them and paid a deposit.



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So I say don’t use your Uncle Bob as your wedding photographer get someone else and then your life will be a little easier if it goes wrong which I am sure it will not as you will do your research about your photographer before you select them. If you looking for a photographer check out my website weddingsbyginger or give me a call Scott 07904658074. This has been writing by Scott Rankin @ Weddings by Ginger and this has been writing from my experience and research.